Europe Institute

About us

We are a multi-disciplinary research institute promoting research, scholarship and teaching on contemporary Europe and EU-related issues.

The Europe Institute is a multi-disciplinary research institute that brings together researchers from a large number of different departments, including Accounting and Finance, Anthropology, Art History, International Business and Management, Economics, Education, Engineering, European Languages and Literatures, Film, Media and TV Studies, Law, and Political Studies.

The mission of the Institute is to promote research, scholarship and teaching on contemporary Europe and EU-related issues, including social and economic relations, political processes, trade and investment, security, human rights, education, culture and collaboration on shared Europe-New Zealand concerns.


The goals of the Institute are to:

  • Initiate and organise a programme of research activities at The University of Auckland and in New Zealand.
  • Build and sustain our network of expertise on contemporary European issues.
  • Initiate and coordinate new research projects.
  • Provide support and advice for developing research programmes.
  • Support seminars, public lectures and other events on contemporary Europe.

Annual Reports

The Europe Institute has had a very healthy year in terms of academic and research output, and is gaining more visibility on campus and the wider community. Full details of Europe Institute activities can be found in our Annual Reports.

Annual Report 2016
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Annual Report 2013
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Annual Report 2012
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Annual Report 2011
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Annual Report 2010
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Annual Report 2009
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Annual Report 2008
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